New figures have revealed that an estimated 2,438 dogs were reported stolen last year, up 19% from 2019 and up to seven pets being stolen each day in 202 .

These were the startling facts reproted by direct line pet insurance.

Sadly only 22% get reunited with their owners

Madeline Pike, Veterinary Nurse for Direct Line Pet Insurance, said: “It’s incredibly sad to see the number of dog thefts rising by such a large proportion in 2020.

“Unfortunately, it seems the increase in dog ownership over lockdowns has also translated to a rise in dog thefts, as thieves know how valuable some of these breeds can be and see them as a commodity rather than a beloved member of the family.

“The worry is these numbers will increase even further this year once dogs are left alone more as restrictions ease and we return to a new ‘normal’.-

Number 1

Staffordshire Bull Terriers continue to top the list of most at risk of theft, with 97 dogs stolen in 2020.

Number 2

The second most targeted is crossbreeds, with 52 dogs stolen.

Number 3

Cocker Spaniels with 34 dogs taken in 2020 take position 3

Number 4


Number 5

Labrador- for years the nations favourite dog and 189% increase

Number 6

Jack Russell

Number 7

Border Collie- rated by dog rainers worldwide as one of the most intelligent breeds and an increase in thefts of 54%

Number 8

The springer spaniel seen an incres of 333% in cases of thefts

Number 9


Number 10

French Bulldog