The annual pet Population Data from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association has just been published and shows that 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic.

That means that there are around 12 Million dogs in the UK – this increase in ownership gives cause for concern from leading pet welfare charities

RSPCA pet welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said:

“As these figures demonstrate, a huge number of people have added a new pet to their family during lockdown while other pet owners have made the most of spending more time at home during the pandemic to enjoy the company of their pets. “Many of our pets are now used to having us around all the time while others have never known any different so we have real concerns that life post-lockdown, both in terms of a new routine and spending time alone, could be really difficult for them to adjust to which is why it’s so important that owners start to prepare them now. In the absence of this preparation, pets could be facing their own crisis.”

Over a third (38%) of new owners claimed that having a new pet was like having a new baby and in families with children, training was found to be more challenging than expected by almost a fifth (17%) .

This has led to organisations like Battersea Dog Homes hosting a series of virtual training classes focusing on specific areas of training for puppies and young adult dogs and Blue Cross Puppies in Lockdown feature includin a vlog on how to cope with a puppy in lockdown

Lets hope that as the country returns to normal the fears of pet professionals do not play out and our pet population thrives .