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Run Free was established in 2017 to provide safe and secure dog walking fields where you can take your best friend to run free off the lead. Our exclusive enclosed dog parks have 6ft high fences, which are also dug into the ground to prevent even the greatest escape artists!

Our fields are perfect for sensitive or nervous dogs who have had bad experiences with other dogs and can no longer socialise safely with others, or dogs who have a poor recall and cannot be let off lead and relied upon to come back.

Users of the field will have exclusive use of it during their session so they can relax in the knowledge that their dog is safe, secure and able to run free and play without being disturbed. The field is perfect for puppies and rescue dogs, or anyone wishing to train their dog off the leash in an enclosed area.

The two Run Free dog fields at Inchinnan are very accessible being only a few minutes from junction 29 of the M8 motorway. The fields are away from livestock, traffic and the public. The car park is approximately 70m from the fields and each field has a separate path from the car park. The fields have a solid fence between them so that you cannot see from one field into the other. Both fields have shelters, picnic tables, water, dog poo bags and bins.

The fun field has some tunnels, ramps, tyres and jumps as well as many natural features in it, including tree trunks for your dog to sniff and explore. Around this there is still lots of open space to let your dogs run free.

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