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Mollands Road, Callander
FK17 8JJ
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What Three Words

The adventure playground is a great place to socialise your puppy, rescue dog, adult dog or nervous dog. There are different areas for them to sniff and explore. It is a stress free environment where your dog will not only be able to play and have fun but be able to relax, take their time to explore and build their confidence.

Have a Teen? Adolescent?
Teach them to relax around other dogs or people, proof your training, show them appropriate greetings.
I promise the teens stage will not last forever.

There will be a trainer on hand on each session to give you advice about the different areas, the importance of giving them time to explore, to learn about calmness and body language and to protect your dogs confidence at all stages of life.

Puppy (12wks – 6months) 10-11am Saturday’s

Adult (6months plus) 11.30-12.30pm Saturday’s

Adult (6months plus) 1-2pm Saturday’s (Usually larger dog’s)

Sunday’s 10-4pm

Our adventure playground is available to book privately where you can take your beloved dog to run free off lead and enjoy the many sniffs and activities the adventure playground has to offer.

πŸ• The area is 200sqft and fully deer fenced (6ft) to keep in the greatest of escape artists.
πŸ• We provide water, poo bags & beds should they need a little rest
πŸ• Natural treats and various hand made toys are available to purchase on site
πŸ• We have tyre pyramids, sand pits, agility jumps, bails of straw for sniffs, hoops, tunnels, balance paths to try out, crates to hide in and much more.

Our playground is perfect for

Nervous dogs
Dog’s who cannot be let off lead
Rescue dogs
Dogs in season
Touching up on your training in a safe secure environment

All dog’s must be vaccinated and any breakages must be paid for.

All dogs and their humans are entering at their own risk and Callander K9 is not liable for any loss or injury that may occur throughout your visit to our secure playground.

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