We know how hard it is sometimes to walk your dogs off lead without worrying about other dogs or people if you have a re active dog, nervous dog or maybe one that goes deaf when you call them or maybe you just want to escape the madness of every one, we have the solution, come and walk your dogs in peace, set in the outskirts of the beautiful village of Swindon, we are on top of a hill so the views on a clear day are breathtaking, private fields so no one to bother you, we also run a smallholding and have everything from donkeys,horses,Saddleback pigs,Jersey cows, teddy bear Ryland sheep and not forgetting the 2 Alpacas, they are all safely away in other fields but you can often get to see them over the fence, if your dog is reactive to livestock then we can move them out of reach so its not a problem.

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