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Purbeck Dog Park is located in the heart of Purbeck, close to Corfe Castle. The park comprises 6.5 acres of enclosed exercise fields where your dogs can roam free and have fun. 

For the duration of your booking, you have exclusive use of the field so your dogs will not mix with other dogs.

We have three fields available, Tranquil Meadow, a smaller area which is ideal for puppies, adolescent or newly acquired dogs. There are a few enrichment activities including a digging pit and tuggy line. Our sighthound visitors love Tranquil Meadow as they can run up and down the long, narrow field.

The Middle Field is approximately 3 acres of grassland where your dogs can run around, chase balls and snuffle in the grass with only some recently planted trees to get in their way!

The Adventure Zone has a greater selection of enrichment activities for your dogs including a digging pit, see-saw, balance mushrooms and climbing platforms. Please note one of these climbing platforms is approximately 5′ high so common sense must be used around your dog’s suitability and capability to climb the platform.

All these fields are ideal solutions if your dog is reactive or nervous, has recall or training issues or she is in season. If your puppy or newly acquired dog needs a safe introduction to open spaces without the distraction of public places then these private fields are just for you!

You may need to practice those training techniques so come along and work your dog in a safe environment with minimal distractions. Or just come and have fun with your dog and perhaps enjoy a cider at the farm bar just next door!

If your dog has serious reactive issues to people or dogs, please contact Melanie directly so she can ensure your booking doesn’t coincide with any other users at the park.

We allow a 10 minute changeover between visitors. If you have more than 2 dogs or you are a registered dog walker, please call 07745 763271 to discuss.

All the fields have a picnic table for your use.

We ask all visitors to be respectful of our neighbours, keep the noise down and keep children OFF the equipment. Persistent barkers and noisy children will result in being banned from future visits.

We have terms and conditions which can be found at the booking page which highlights restrictions.

If you would like to book for multiple dogs/families/friends, please contact Melanie to discuss. 07745 763271

Opening Hours – this depends on the season but during the summer months, we will be open 7 days a week from 8.30 am to 6pm. The rest of the year will be daylight hours dependent so times will change with the seasons.

We offer flexible times throughout the day and we allow a 10 minute changeover between visitors so please ensure you leave on time. If you wish to book multiple sessions or you are a registered dog walker, please call 07745 763271 to discuss.

If the region has had a lot of rain, please wear appropriate footwear – they are fields with muddy areas in the most heavily used areas

Parking within the Park is only possible during the summer months so please take note of parking requests in your confirmation email.

While we have limited parking, please try to limit visits to one car per booking.

Fences – All dividing fences are in excess of 5′ with rabbit netting overlaid and single strand wire at the top. The perimeter fencing was inherited and it comprises 4′ stock fencing with rabbit netting overlaid. If your dog is known to bolt and clear 4′ fencing, then we suggest you keep them on a long line.

Please ensure you keep your dog on the lead until you are closed inside your hired field.

Please pick up and remove your dog’s poo!

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