Ridge road

field size

The entire site is just over 4 acres, within this we have made three enclosed areas. The boundary fence is 6 foot deer fencing, as are the dividing fence. Paws is manned during business hours.

Paws 1, is around 1.5 acres and the flatter of the three enclosures. There is vegetation netting, but this is not a permanent fixture.

Paws 2, is just over 1 acre and dips off slightly in the bottom right hand corner, due to the natural contour of the field.

Paws 3, is around an acre and has a natural contour to the right, with added vegetation netting, which is not a permanent fixture. This paddock is also best suited for puppies and smaller breeds.

Paws may not be suitable for all dogs.

Fresh water is available on site and we try to keep the water bowls filled up throughout the day. This can be a little difficult during busy periods. However, just ask one of the Team and we will top them up for you. Paddling pools are situated in each paddock during the warmer months.

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