Larches Farm, Tytherington Road
Thornbury Bristol
BS35 3TT

The paddock is approximately 2 acres and fully enclosed by a 1.8m high fence. This provides the perfect setting to allow your dog to have the freedom to run free in an exclusive environment.
We have designed the car park and paddock with safety in mind. This ensures that you and your four legged friend are secure at all times. You will have PRIVATE use of the paddock for your allocated booking time.
The paddock provides plenty of stimulating activities for your dog including tyres, sandpit, banks, tunnels, logs, planks and agility jumps. There is also shelter, seating and water provided for owners to use.
The secure paddock is ideal for; reactive dogs, puppies, female dogs that are on heat, dogs with poor recall, nervous dogs and owners.
We also welcome professional dog walkers. It is a great place to meet your doggy friends to socialise and play together.

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