Alpha Dog Park and Walks
Burley Road, Bransgore, Hampshire
BH23 8DE
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Alphadog Park is 2 enclosures of 2 and a half acres each of fenced forest land well away from roads and other people that functions as a safe place to exercise, train and play.

ENCLOSURE 1: the drier of the 2 enclosures

ENCLOSURE 2: this is the swampier enclosure, we have created a pathway through the muddier sections with hay underfoot for people to walk around the enclosure

We have 6ft fences with mesh at the bottom (to ground level) and wire along the top, one fence line has mature hedge plants and trees through out the park that provide welcome shade when needed.

If you have a convalescing patient, elderly pooch, lady in season, rumbustious puppy or a timid character in need of some confidence we can help you turn that ‘stressful lead walk’ into something you’ll both enjoy.

Our field is enclosed but is not ‘dog proof’, you are responsible for checking it’s suitability for you and your pet.

Access to the park and use of the field is ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

At times of high rainfall you can expect muddy conditions.

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