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We are a family run facility combining our love of dogs with an area field that is no longer used for farming. The size of the farm means it is no longer viable, so we put our heads together and came up with a plan to give something back.

With the current climate, it is important to ensure that Peoples Mindfulness and Wellbeing is a top priority. During that 2020 lockdown Canine ownership increased dramatically, ensuring that whilst we protected the NHS, we could also all remain active by walking our loved animals.

With this increase, it became noticeable that although we are surrounded by the most beautiful areas in the Country, the number of open spaces in our areas for dogs to run free securely and safely just weren’t there.

With this in mind we took the Leap of faith, to diversify one of our 4-acre fields to create a safe a secure area to exercise your dogs. Combined with our other business (M Connell Fencing Ltd) we divided our field into 4 different zones. Not only providing a dog exercise field to exercise in physically but to also exercise the dog mentally.

Another must, was an area for the whole family to have fun whilst playing with your dog, ensuring that it isn’t a chore to walk the dog!

We are still under construction, with lots of ideas to put in place, we to start with we can offer the following: –

– The Agility Paddock – An area to have fun in providing Hoopers, tunnels, flyball and obstacles

– The Enrichment Paddock – A large area for dogs to let off some steam, with enriching areas for them to dig, balance, sniff and tunnel.

– The Splash Field – A paddock to run and play in with the added bonus of shallow ponds and sprinklers to chase.

– Ball Mania (Coming Soon) – A Ball throwing machine to entertain those ball obsessed dogs, with dug in trampolines to bounce around on

All paddocks have secure air lock parking facilities and a 6ft high fence around the parameter, so that dogs can be let out the cars with no worries.

Coming soon in the short term, with be WC’s, refreshment facilities and a children’s play area.

Please take a look at our gallery and reviews – they will tell you all you need to know!

Bookings can also be made via email, message or phone. We can also accept card and cash on site.

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