Bankside Farm
Ditchling Common
RH15 0SJ
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What Three Words

The field is a level 2 acres, recently stock fenced (sheep fencing) to a height of 4′, with two field gates covered in narrow gauge mesh. The perimeter is checked regularly and will be kept as secure as possible. It is a rural field with foxes, deer, rabbits, badgers etc. roaming, all of which can damage fences or dig, we are unable to guarantee complete security. Your use of the field is, therefore, entirely at your own risk.

Fresh water and drinking bowls are available by the drinking trough and a dog poo bin (all poo must be picked up).

For those of you who don’t wish to run around with your dog there’s a picnic bench for those lovely sunny days (bring a friend, a coffee and have a relaxing chat while your dogs have a romp) and a small field shelter for when you just want to hide from the wind and rain and let your dog exercise itself.

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