A free e book containing 21 great indoor games to play with your dog is available for download from theNibble and Nosh Website 

Its a a light hearted fun packed guide and includes a discount code on the very last page

Games with Instructions are listed below

1High five – Who is a star
2. Reward tug game
3. Hide and seek with a treat
4. Stairway dash
5. Roll Over
6. Paw shake
7. Treats on paws
8. Snuffle mat / find in pockets game
9. Treats in plastic bottles
10. Sitting Pretty
11. Stand to attention
12. Dancing with my dog
13. Dog Yoga
14. Catch the treat
15. Treats in loo roll tubes game
16. Which cup game
17. Indoor obstacle course
18. Which hand game
19. Name recognition
20. Treats in puzzle toys
21. Doggy treat calendar